About Flossie

Purchase habits have evolved. The modern-gen consumer wants immediate and instant gratification. They need it now, ideally with a place they love, but will go somewhere else if they’re not available.

They care more about value, not discount. They want to ensure they’re going to somewhere trusted, recommended, well reviewed and rated, all with instant convenience. This may all sound like millennials but they’re your increasingly everyday consumer.

The beauty industry is worth $128 billion globally. It’s not driven by obsessions, but more by breadth, depth and convenience.

Jenene Crossan and Steve Torrance founded Flossie to provide a mobile, frictionless buying experience of beauty services. Flossie is not a marketplace of services, instead only featuring Tried and Tested premium salons and spas across New Zealand and Australia.

It takes less than 30-seconds to book and pay for a beauty appointment in Flossie. For the salon/spa owner Flossie brings a paid upfront customer who won’t no-show and the ability to use data and content marketing to drive habitual purchase.

Flossie in numbers

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Experienced core team

Jenene Crossan

CEO & Founder
Steve Torrance

Steve Torrance

CTO & Co-Founder

Bonnie Bradley


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Cath Carlsen

Alex Campbell

Alex Campbell

Marketing & Customer Success