Spray Tanning

Fake tanning, also known as sunless tanning, is a great way to wear a golden tan all year round, regardless of your time spent in the sun! Fake tanning refers to an application of chemicals to the skin to provide an appearance of a sun tan, without the harmful effects of UV exposure, that comes with time spent in the sun.

Fake tanning has become a popular solution to gaining that perfect tan, due to the variety of products available, the health benefits of sunless tanning and the effective and efficient manner in which the desired tan can be built.

What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning is a form of fake and sunless tanning, in which a solution is sprayed over ones skin, this solution is typically a colourless sugared base solution which reacts with ones Amino acids in their skin, which creates a tan effect on ones skin. As the solution mixes with with Amino acids, the tan becomes more apparent and defined. Many salons however use instant Spray Tans in which golden results can be seen instantly!

Can anyone have a spray tan?

Most people can use fake tanners. However, it is recommend that pregnant females within their first trimester refrain from spray tanning. It is also recommended that those under 18 years old are accompanied by a caregiver. We suggest that if you have health issues of a specific nature, you contact the Salon for advise on weather you are suitable for fake tanning before purchasing the desired voucher.




Is it safe to use Sprays and Creams as a method of tanning?

Very much so! Fake tanning provides a safe solution to tanning. No excessive exposure to harmful UV rays, that can age and harm the skin.

Will fake tanning hurt?

Gaining a quick tan through the use of Sprays and Creams is completely painless, which is a great change from the painful feeling of burnt skin after a session in the sun!!

How long will my tan last once applied?

Your body constantly drops skin cells from your body, which alters the physical appearance and colour of your skin. Fake Tans, including that of Sprays and Creams effect the outer layer of your skin, therefore your fake tan will fade depending on how often your body drops those outer skin cells, however it is common for fake tans to last between 5 to 10 days.

Results will vary depending on skin type. It is encouraged for ones skin to be moisturised once a fake tan is applied, to keep the skin hydrated and prevent skin cells prematurely falling from your skin, giving you a long lasting tan!

What should I wear to my Spray Tan?

You can wear as little as you like, most salons suggest that you wear a dark bikini, or dark G String, if choosing to go topless. It is also common for many Salons to provide you with a disposable G String that can be used for the tanning session.

What should I do after my Spray Tan?

The salon will provide you with instructions with how to care for your spray tan. Some of the commonly noted points are to avoid showering for 8hours after the spray, wear dark clothing to avoid any staining on clothing, avoid soaking your skin as this could decrease the skins ability to develop its tan, avoid Chlorine and to keep the body moisturised.