Shellac or “Gel” Nails

Some people are referring to Shellac as the ‘miracle manicure’ and, you know what, here at Flossie, we agree!

If you are a lady on the move like so many of us are, you will love Shellac nail polish.  It’s available in most beauty salons and comes in nearly every colour. Application is quick and pain free and there is no damage to your nails after removal.

What are shellac nails?

Shellac nails are the (relatively) new kid on the block, and have been one of the most popular type of nail applications in the last few years. They last up to two weeks without losing their shine or shimmer. They are super hard, so they don’t scratch or smudge and they are super easy to take off. However, you do need to go to a professional nail technician to have the polish applied. An easy ten-step process is used when you are getting your Shellac nail polish manicure.


– One thin layer of shellac base coat

– 10 seconds of curing in a UV lamp

– One thin layer of shellac color coat

– Two minutes of curing in a UV lamp

– Second layer of shellac color coat

– Two minutes of curing in a UV lamp

– One thin layer of shellac top-coat

– Two final minutes of curing in a UV lamp

– Wipe nails done with 99% isopropyl alcohol

– Apply solar oil to nails



Why shellac nail polish?

  • As soon as the application is completed you are good to go! You can put your hand in your purse, search for your keys, wash the dishes straight away, heck, you could even hit them against every sharp object you have and they will still be perfect.
  • They last two weeks, or possibly more, depending on your nail growth rate. That is about 14 days of non-stop manicure goodness!
  • No damage to nails! You have beautiful long lasting polish without the mess and damage that acrylics do.

Why not?!

  • You have to go back to the salon to have them professionally removed.
  • They cost nearly 50 per cent more than a manicure with normal nail polish.
  • It can turn into a need and not a want. (Should this be in the pros?)

How long?

The whole procedure takes around 40 minutes and they will last up to two weeks.

Can I afford these?!

A Shellac nail polish manicure costs around $50 (Around $35 if you buy from Flossie). A normal manicure you would have to get once a week. Shellac? Once every two weeks. So if you look at it that way… It is a guilt free, all about me, expense!

Other options?

If Shellac nails doesn’t appeal to you – there is the brand spankin OPI gel polish which does the same thing. Or, you could opt for the original mani, a French mani or acrylics. There are so many options for your nails, why not try them all!