Brazilian or Bikini Waxing

OMG they’re going to see my fanny!

Well yes, that’s part of this treatment. But you know what? As my waxer assures me – she has seen it ALL before. No, you don’t have the hairiest one ever. Or the ugliest or any other pet concern you have about your vagina.

So with that out of the way – let’s get you educated on what you can expect.

Regardless if it is a Brazilian or bikini wax you are after, is the perfect place to start the search for the best beauty or waxing salon and the best waxing offer. We also encourage you to look at trying something new… perhaps a Brazilian wax if you’ve never had one before? If you have a question we haven’t answered about waxing then please contact us and we’ll add to our guide.

What is a brazilian wax?

A Brazilian wax is the term given to a completely hairless pubic area. The brazilian waxing process removes all your pubic hair (front and back). It’s obviously a very intimate process and should be performed by an experienced beauty therapist in a reputable beauty salon. It is considered a little painful, but nothing in comparison to childbirth ladies! Nothing to be afraid of here.

What is a bikini wax?

A bikini wax is the process of using hot or cold wax to remove the hair from your bikini area and is more conservative then a Brazilian wax. It involves removing the hair to just inside the underwear/swimsuit line (also known as the bikini line). Hair removal is limited to the front of your body – and does not include the legs, abdomen or buttocks.

What other types of waxing are there?

A French wax involves taking all or most of the pubic hair in the front (leaving a small strip known as a “landing strip”) and the hair in the middle, but leaves the hair in the back. French waxing is a style of bikini wax.

A Hollywood wax removes all the pubic hair – front, middle and back and is a term used to describe what most of us think as a full Brazilian wax. It can also be called a Playboy wax, a G-string wax or American waxing.

The European wax removes all hair except for a small patch on the mound. The Triangle wax removes all hair except for a trimmed triangle with the lower point aimed at the genitals (like an arrowhead pointing down to your pleasure zones!) You can also get The Moustache, with everything removed except for a wide, rectangular patch just above the hood at the top of the genitals. The Heart wax will leave you with the main pubic tuft shaped as a heart (and can be dyed pink!) This is particular popular on Valentines Day and for weddings. Each to their own, we say!

As you can see, there are many shapes and patterns to choose from, so ensure that you have a chat to your beauty therapist about which one will work for you!

Why should I get a Brazilian or bikini wax done?

To be frank – you should get a brazilan wax because it increases the sensitivity of your nether-regions and the enjoyment of your sex life! Some women also prefer it as can be cleaner and more hygienic.

If you choose to get either a Brazilian or a bikini-type wax, you can wear togs or lingerie without the fear of stray strands escaping as the soft hairless skin lasts for much longer than if you shave. You also avoid the stubble and rashes that you get when shaving, and the hair really does grow back thinner and more sparsely than if you shave.

How long does a Brazilian or bikini wax last?

It depends on you and your hair! Most salons say come in every 4 weeks to maximise the benefits. However you may only need to come in every 5 or 6 weeks if you have very slow growing hair. You should experience total hairlessness for about 1-1.5 weeks, followed by soft, slow growing hair that comes through for the next few weeks.

The more regularly you come, the less painful it becomes as the hair cycles all get in sync, so they are waxed off at the same time.

Does getting a Brazilian or bikini wax hurt?

Yes it does. The first time is the most painful, but it really does hurt less each time (we aren’t just saying that!) This is because the first time you have much more hair and at a longer length then if you get waxed regularly.

If you are worried about the pain, you can take a pain killer about an hour before your appointment. It is important to note that the week before and after your period you are much more sensitive – so try and avoid waxing at this time if you are particularly susceptible to pain.

Are there any side effects? What should I avoid after waxing?

It is normal to have a little bit of redness after the wax, and your skin can be a bit bumpy and sensitive, but from the next day it should be silky smooth on the areas you have had waxed.

You should leave the area alone for at least 5-10 hours (so if you have an afternoon wax, no hanky-panky that night!). Avoid the sun immediately after waxing and wear sunscreen if you are going to be exposing your recently waxed area to the sun. Avoid heavy exercise for at least 10 hours (you don’t want sweat getting into the sensitive pores) and avoid other steamed sources like saunas and steam rooms for at least 48 hours.

How do I prepare for a Brazilian or bikini wax?

The hair should be at least a quarter of an inch long (about half cm) and you should start exfoliating daily in the week leading up to your wax to minimise the chance of ingrown hairs, and increase your smoothness for longer!

Ensure you are well-hydrated and drinking lots of water in the lead up to your appointment. Dehydration increases the the amount of pain you feel and can also lead to bleeding.

The day of your appointment, shower as normal but do not apply any location to your vaginal area (you want the wax to stick to the hairs not the lotion) and wear comfortable loose clothing.

How long does getting a Brazilian or bikini wax take?


The pain is short and sharp, and your beauty therapist should have you out within 30 minutes. However if you have more hair then usual, or it is your first time it may take longer, so ensure you have enough time!

Experienced beauty therapists are fast (which means less pain for you) and can do large areas at once.

What is the procedure for a Brazilian or bikini wax?

Each salon is different – but that basic produce should be about the same. Upon entering the room you will find a little waxing package, usually made up of a towel, vaginal wipe and a throwaway string G-string.

Strip of your bottom half and give yourself a quick clean with the vaginal wipe. Pop on the G-string (if they have one) and lay down on the bed with the towel covering you.

Feel free to chat as little or much as you want during the procedure – and remember your beauty therapist is experienced in this so try and relax and have a giggle if you can! Your beauty therapist will discuss with you whether you want a Brazilian wax, a bikini wax, a Hollywood wax, if you wish to leave a landing strip, having it all bare, tidy the edges etc.

How much does it cost?

A basic Bikini tidy up costs from $15 – $40.

A first time Brazilian usually costs from $60 – $80. Regular maintenance (under 6 weeks) usually drops the price to about $40 – $70) and many salons offer regular wax packages.